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Desi Condiments & Tea

Tea, for most, is not just a hot beverage. It’s as a mood-lifter, a conversation starter, a healing drink for anything from a headache to heartache; a companion on a cold, wet night, or just a break in a long, tiring day.

Ask any tea lover, and they’ll tell you how their heart swells as the water comes to a frothy boil and the fragrance fills up the surroundings.

Whether it’s cutting chai­ or a pot of aromatic Oolong tea specially brewed for a tete a tete, here are some desi condiments to add the extra flavour to your cuppa.

One of the most essential spices is green cardamom with its intense and sharp flavour which is sure to turn any cup of tea around!

Other spices to add that zing to the pot are cinnamon sticks, ginger, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise, etc. While freshly grated ginger adds a spicy note to the brew, the cinnamon sticks bring sweetness to it.

For a fresh, minty flavour, just throw a couple of mint leaves into the pan; or black cardamom for a smoky, earthy flavour!

Strain it into cups, and enjoy this magical and versatile beverage. Happy drinking!

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